Welcome GO PvP fan, my name is Aaron. My kids got me into Pokemon GO in Jan 2020 and it was a fun excuse to hang out with them. At first I dismissed it as just a kid's game... but that was until I found GO Battle League.

That's when this deceptively simple game turned out to not be that simple at all! And after getting my butt kicked, I was hooked. I love PvP games.

I'm still not very good, but I made this site to help answer some burning questions I had while battling. Questions like:

Hope you enjoy geeking out over your Battle Log as much as I do. And hope you find that one juicy piece of data that gives you an unfair advantage... or a new idea for your next spicy team.

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Special thanks

Big thank you to PvPoke and ytxpikachu for providing our community with detailed open-source Pokemon GO PvP data! This site could never exist without your hard work. And thank you JRskatr for your support and valuable feedback, and for being the first PvPer brave enough to try this newfangled doohickey.


Thank you Rommel and HotPoket77 for your Silph tips and advice. Thank you AbyssAct0r for the sweet logo. Thank you Panick23, JRS, th3six4ninja for the fun streams and introducing your fans to GO Battle Log. Thank you Zyonik, PogoKieng, FPSticks, Caleb Peng, SuperScienceSensei for your quality videos. You showed me how little I know and how deep and fun Pokemon GO PvP can be. And thank you JigglyDad for the interview and being the Joe Rogan of Pokemon Go.

Enjoy analyzing your Battle Log -- good luck and happy battles!

ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩ aaron@gobattlelog.com

GO Battle Log was hatched in the Secret Science Lab.
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