1. Track your battles

Goodbye clunky spreadsheets and text documents. Enter your Pokemon GO PvP battles into our live cloud database. This lets us run big data analysis and serious number-crunching on your battle logs. Be a part of our world's largest crowd-sourced Pokemon GO PvP database. Plus, anonymous data is shared back with PvPoke every season to improve the quality of PvP league rankings.


2. Get personalized reports

Secret reports and geeky charts are auto-generated from your battle logs to analyze your team's performance.

Finally, get answers to questions like:

  • what's the latest meta?
  • what are my best/worst matchups?
  • what are the popular backlines?
  • what's the best team I can build with the Pokemon I have?


3. Anti-meta team generator

Totally abuse the power of modern computers to get an unfair advantage with Anti-Meta Generator 3000. Powered by PvPoke's Battle Simulator and our real-time PvP database. AMG 3000 simulates all possible matchups and computes the best teams using the "Lead, Cover, Safe Switch" formula. Discover new spicy teams before the rest of the world does (and maybe even a few that no human might think of).


Welcome to GO Battle Log for Pokemon GO PvP! Enter your battles above to generate secret reports and geeky charts to (over)analyze your team's performance. Finally, get answers to questions like...

  • what's the current meta at my rank?
  • what are my team's best/worst matchups?
  • what are the most common 'mons hiding in the back?
  • what are the best teams to beat the current meta?

Quickstart Guide

Enjoy analyzing your Battle Log -- good luck and happy battles!

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